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Environmental Justice in Oxnard to our local elected officials!


Last Thursday the majority of Ventura County Planning Commissioners put their concerns about impacts to the local oil and gas industry ahead of public health. The Commission voted to approve the project in Oxnard as presented rather than send back to planning staff for a cumulative health impact review so the risks to residents of the local disadvantaged community can be assessed. 

The a cumulative impact study has NEVER been conducted for the expansion of the Cabrillo Oil Field!


First wells were drilled in 1986, no cumulative impact study. 

CFROG is your local watchdog, monitoring these permit applications and enforcing the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). There is no agency tasked with enforcing this vital set of laws. It is only enforced through project appeals and legal action when needed. CFROG will appeal this decision and it will be heard by the Board of Supervisors. But we need your support.

Will you help CFROG continue our work? 

A donation of any amount will have a major impact. And when you share your personal fundraising goal with your friends - you help CFROG even more.

We have set a goal of $3000 to raise this week - with your help we can fund the appeal and other costs for our outreach and ongoing work. 

DONATE TO CFROG TODAY to support our appeal and work for Environmental Justice In Oxnard! 

Photo: What are the potential risks of pipelines crossing agricultural fields? This has not been assessed for the Cabrillo Oil Field. This photo was taken at the Cabrillo Oil Field the signs are for the pipelines that connect the Naumann and Rosenmund drill sites. This photo was shown by CFROG at the hearing and when asked about it the operator said it was not at any of their sites - that is not accurate. If you look closely at the signs they read "Renaissance Petroleum" as the responsible party for the pipelines which go under the roads and cross prime farmland. This was taken during the 2016-17 winter rains.



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Wastewater Spill into creek bed.

On August 9, 2017 a report was filed with the state - 
  • "An injection water release occurred at Injection Well Grub #180 of the Grub Rincon Leasse. Approximately 4,200 gallons of injection water released. Two gallons entered a dry creek bed. Cleanup conducted at well and creek bed."

The following blog post is by Anneliese Anderle, a certified Petroleum Geologist and retired state (Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR)) inspector. 


September 11, 2017 - Ventura County
[According to online state records] The well Grub #180 is in the San Miguelito Field, which is just west of the AERA Taylor Lease in the Ventura Avenue Field west of the Ventura River and north of Route 101.
"Grubb" 180 (111-20401) operated by California Resources Corp. is a quite high surface injection pressure water-flood well, at 2400 PSIG in June 2017.  If an injection line at such a high pressure ruptures or at least starts as a pin-hole, considerable substrate material will be flushed, creating a crater.  The very small 10 gallon volume reported on OES-17-5709 strains credulity as a leak this injection line or at the wellhead would be a very large volume before the injection pump trips out due to low line pressure.
It is not uncommon to spill some injection water if the well is being logged with a radioactive wireline tracer, but less than 10 or 15 gallons is routinely lost at the top of the lubricator mast.
The spill volume is obviously approximate, representing 4200 gallons or 100 barrels of fluid.  When injection water spills happen from high pressure injection line ruptures or a well head failure, there is no clean up as the water soaks into the ground or dry creek bottom (the spill location indicates a channel to the Pacific Ocean).  If the injection water is 'dirty', containing Iron Sulfide or fine filtrate, the residue will show.  This is also true of the dissolved salts, which may leave a crust at the spill, particularly if it is contained in a pool.
There may be a follow-up report at the CALEPA spill data base, otherwise the spill report can be found at the DOGGR District 2 office once the investigation is complete.
The DOGGR office will routinely send a field engineer to document the spill, including photos.  It will then be followed up with an investigation and remedy by CRC for the spill occurrence.
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Speak Up to oppose drilling off our coast

Urgent Action - CFROG opposes any new drilling off the California Coast. 

platform_dolly.jpgFriends of the Earth is helping gain support for a bill written by Senator Hannah Beth Jackson. The bill, SB188 is aimed at making it so hard and expensive for companies to drill off our coast that they won't even try. 

HERE is information on the bill. 

and TODAY we are asking you to sign a petition in support of stopping offshore drilling off the California Coast.

HERE is the Friends of the Earth petition to voice your support for this bill. 

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