Holding Local & State Oil Regulators Accountable

LPFW_Drill_Site_7_Santa_Paula_canyon.pngOne of the issues CFROG has been pointing out to our local planning department and Board of Supervisors since 2013 is now highlighted by an editorial and front page story in todays VC Star. The agencies tasked with oil and gas oversight at the local and state levels are failing in their duty, and that fact needs to be considered when Ventura County approves new oil drilling or renews existing permits. (Photo: Los Padres ForestWatch, Santa Paula Canyon, Drill Pad 7) 

Editorial: A cavalier approach to oil regulation...

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First Oil Wells Approved by Ventura County in 2018

Ventura County approves 3 new oil and gas wells on Oxnard Plain - on a Zoning Clearance.

No Public Review
No Environmental Impact Study

On Feb. 27 the Ventura County Planning Department approved the drilling of three new oil and gas wells on the Oxnard Plain on Wooley Road.

Red dots show current active wells near where new wells will be drilled. From Division of Oil, Gas & Geothermal Resources (DOGGR)



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Tax Assessors to Meet with Oil Lobby about CA Oil Tax Assessment Rate

On Feb. 7-8, 2018 in Bakersfield, County Tax Assessors from the oil producing parts of California, including Dan Goodwin, Ventura County Assessor,  will meet for a conference at the Bakersfield Country Club. The event is jointly hosted by Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA), an oil and gas industry lobbying group and the Petroleum Standards Advisory Committee (PSAC) of the California Assessors Association.

Remember, Tax Assessors are elected officials.

Does the public get to lobby at the conference for favorable tax rates?  



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History Lesson: Offshore Drilling in the 60's to fund the War.

History Lesson -

Join CFROG in opposing new offshore drilling - Come with us to Sacramento this Thursday. 

Why was offshore drilling opened up in the 60's?

What would the proceeds fund?

See any similarities today?

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