Room Fills for County Hearing on Drilling Wells

Ventura County Star - 5-22-14

Reporter Cheri Carlson

A hearing on a proposal to drill wells in an abandoned oil field north of Piru drew a standing-room-only crowd in Ventura on Thursday.

About three dozen people crowded into a small conference room for the two-hour meeting at the Ventura County planning agency.

Most urged the county to require more environmental review before a decision was made on the permit, one of several proposals from oil and gas companies under review in Ventura County.

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Citizens want EIR before Modelo Canyon oilfield is reopened

Local residents told state officials Wednesday they want to know how hydraulic fracturing affects their water, air and land.

Close to 250 people, including county Supervisor Linda Parks and representatives for several other local elected officials, turned out for a state hearing at the Ventura College Performing Arts Center. Dozens testified about what they want studied in an environmental review of well-stimulation practices used by the energy industry...



SACRAMENTO – The California Department of Conservation (DOC) today gave notice of an interim rulemaking package to regulate oil and gas well stimulation.  These “emergency” regulations, mandated by Senate Bill 4, will go to the Office of Administrative Law on December 19 to ensure they are in place by January 1.
“The proposed regulations that will go into effect at the start of 2015 are currently in the public comment process,” DOC Director Mark Nechodom said. “We expect significant public interest and significant changes to those regulations..."

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Ventura seen as quake hot spot

Ventura seen as quake hot spot - Deeper knowledge emerges about threat of downtown fault

By Kit Stolz

Special to The Star

Several new studies funded by the Southern California Earthquake Center have identified Ventura as a hot spot for geological activity, with a fault running directly under downtown that potentially is far more dangerous than previously believed.

If the fault ruptures along its length and involves other faults, it could cause a major earthquake and massive damage, with the possibility of a strong local tsunami, researchers say.

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