Call to Action: Notify Supervisors - Unmapped Pipelines in County with Unknown Environmental Impacts

On Tuesday, Feb. 7 CFROG will present a comment letter to the Board of Supervisors regarding a gap in oversight at the County level. Because maps and design plans for gathering pipelines on oil and gas sites are not required as part of the permit review/environmental assessment process - full impacts cannot be known. 

Gathering pipelines are used to transport everything that comes up with the oil (water, gas, drilling chemicals etc.) from the well to storage tanks to await separation and/or transportation. These pipelines are laced across oil leases throughout Ventura County - and yet our planning department does not track or assess or monitor them in any way - instead relying on maps held by the State, which are reviewed for maintenance purposes only. The County is the land use regulatory body, and has the duty to protect our environment. 

HERE is CFROG's Comment Letter about gathering pipelines. 


This means - 

  • streams could be at risk from leaks and spills

  • sensitive wildlife habitats could be heavily impacted by installation of pipelines

  • waterways and groundwater sources could be at risk

  • a full and complete environmental impact assessment is impossible 

    • Our water, air, land and wildlife are being put in jeopardy!

THREE Ways to Act Locally -  Our Supervisors need to hear from you that our local environment is important, and that you count on them, as your local elected officials to stand up and protect the environment. 


  1. Sign Our Petition
    • "Map All Pipelines" HERE to be presented to the Board on Tuesday, February 7. Help us get 200 signatures from Ventura County residents! Share with your friends and on Social Media. 
  2. Call and Write to your Supervisor TODAY!
  3. Attend the hearing and speak during public comment

HERE are the County documents for Tuesdays Hearing. 

Thank you for working with and supporting CFROG in making sure all oil and gas activities in Ventura County are only allowed when our water, air, soil and oceans are protected! When that happens - public health and safety are ensured! 

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