• Public Hearing: Oil Field Waste Injection Oxnard Plain for Another 30 Years

    No Oil Field Waste Injection in the Oxnard Plain - under Oxnard Strawberries. 

    Anterra.jpgGoogle earth image, Anterra Energy, Wooley Road, 2014. 

    An oil field waste company, Anterra Energy, is asking Ventura County to allow them to keep injecting oil field waste under Oxnard Plain strawberry fields, even though in 2015 the Board of Supervisors told Anterra they would not agree to renew their permit because oil field waste injection is not compatible with the "Agriculture Exclusive" zoning designation - which is the designated land use for the Wooley Road facility. 

    Action Items: 

    • Submit comment to your supervisor - County already said no to this land use  in this zoning designation. 
    • Send comment to the Ventura County Planning Commission at, Subject: PL18-0089, Oct. 18 - 
      • This comment will be part of the official record for the Planning Commission hearing on Oct 18, in your own words let the Planning Commissioners know that you oppose this permit renewal because oil field waste injection should not occur in the prime farmland of the Oxnard Plain. 
    • RSVP below to attend the hearing on Oct. 18. Speak at the hearing or submit a statement card and fill the room. 

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    Thursday, October 18, 2018 at 08:30 AM · 5 rsvps
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  • VC GenPlan Alternatives Workshop II


    CFROG is advocating for strong climate action and Environmental Justice

    to be a part of land use planning in Ventura County through 2040 - 

    We need your voice.  

    The General Plan is the "land use constitution" for the unincorporated areas of Ventura County - all land use decisions are governed by this document that will be in place until 2040 - now is the time for Ventura County to be a leader and take strong steps to ensure public health, equitable economic vitality and environmental protection are the pillars of land use decisions in the decades to come. Now is the time.

    This workshop is part II of the County (Supervisors & Planning Commission) review of "Alternatives" for the General Plan. 

    CFROG has been informed that during this workshop they expect the Supervisors to select a "Preferred Alternative," which will provide planning staff with the policy direction to craft the draft General Plan and provide the framework for the Environmental Impact Report phase of the process. 

    October 16, 2018, Alternatives Report-Part 2 (bullet points 1-6 are listed HERE at hearing on July 31, 2018)

    7.   Alternatives Evaluation Criteria

    8.   Land Use Alternatives

    9.   Policy Choices

    Tuesday, November 06, 2018 at 01:00 PM
    Ventura County Government Center - Supervisors Hearing Room
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