CA leading the way in Environmental Justice

Naumann_Flare.jpgCalifornia is leading the way again with new legislation that requires cities and counties to insure healthy neighborhoods in disadvantaged communities. The bill, SB1000, took effect this year. The bill’s requirements are part of a broader ‘environmental justice’ movement, and CFROG is an active part. 

CFROG is working with Food and Water Watch to ensure that oil and gas interests don’t further pollute an area of Oxnard near Etting and Dodge roads. The community nearby is already heavily burdened by pollution. CLICK HERE to read more. 

IMG_0798.JPGEnvironmental justice embraces the idea that non-polluting, or ‘green,’ industries are better than polluting ones, and that people’s health and safety must have priority over corporate profits. Environmental justice actions seek to broadly include community members. Polluting industries must be prevented from targeting neighborhoods based on racial or economic factors. 

Watch for more actions by CFROG that are part of the growing environmental justice movement.

Photo: May 2017 - CFROG and Food & Water Watch team members and volunteers getting organized to go door to door in Oxnard to inform the community about the new wells being proposed. 

Sign up today to Volunteer with CFROG and come out and help spread the word in the Community.