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CFROG protects communities, wild places and open spaces

from the negative impacts of oil and gas extraction and related activities. 


We are Ventura County's oil and gas watchdog.

To achieve our mission CFROG ensures existing operations adhere to all current laws and regulations, and all oversight agencies tasked with regulation of various aspects of the fossil fuel industry are held accountable for doing their job. And in doing so - ensure our water, air, soil and climate are protected. 
In the event an existing operator applies to drill more wells, or otherwise expand existing operations, CFROG researches and reviews the proposal and demands modern environmental review is conducted as part of the permitting process for those projects. Today, current science demands that environmental justice and data on climate change be included in that review process - to ensure impacts are properly assessed and the public is informed. 

Local Action, Local Impact

research - report - monitor - act 

HISTORY: In 2012 concerned residents from across the Ojai Valley gathered to discuss their concerns about a proposed drilling expansion project in the Upper Ojai Valley. They had concerns about impacts to the local air and watersheds. When that group attending the first public hearing about the project and submitted comments they expected a meaningful response. Instead the project was rubber-stamped as "approved."

Citizens For Responsible Oil & Gas was founded in 2013 when that group realized this was not just about the project in their backyard, but the issue was that the local permitting agency, Ventura County Planning was overly influenced by the fossil fuel industry, having an impact on fossil fuel operations across the county - in many neighborhoods. 

CFROG was formed around a kitchen table and is proud of our community based history, and of the fact that our organization is  now building action teams across Ventura County to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable for the impacts their operations have on public health and the environment. From that kitchen table, now to an office in Santa Paula, staffed by two - with an active and hands on Board of Directors and Advisory Board CFROG is having a serious local impact, and pushing back against the influence of the fossil fuel industry in Ventura County.


CFROG continues to grow and expand our base of support. We seek experts in the fields of hydrology, water management, climate science, public health and more to add to our existing cadre of advisors. 

Today, CFROG is advocating for climate action and environmental justice in land use policy. CFROG works at the community level to build awareness of how the extraction of fossil fuels impacts their community, and works with local elected officials, agencies and fellow nonprofit organizations to reduce those impacts.

Legal Action Taken: The first saw a court victory in late 2017. The order found in CFROG's favor on all points and stated the County had violated state law when it decided to not include emissions from oil wells in the total project emissions.

In the second legal action, CFROG is a partner with the Center for Biological Diversity and Los Padres ForestWatch in objecting to the drilling of 19 new oil wells along Santa Paula Creek. This project was moved forward without proper consideration of the impacts to habitat for endangered species and the airshed. CFROG and partners have filed an appeal of the initial Superior Court findings. We expect a hearing in California Appellate Court in 2019. 

In 2016 CFROG hired it's first staff member, an Executive Director which enabled the young organization to expand it's reach and continue to have a broad impact in protecting our airshed, watershed, oceans, forests, land stability, wildlife, agriculture and human health in Ventura County. 

CFROG's staff, Board and Advisory Board work to be a resource to the community, public agency staff and local elected officials in reviewing oil and gas projects and ensuring that all  potential environmental impacts, including cumulative impacts,  are studied and fully considered for all projects. CFROG uses current science, data and the law to protect public health, public safety and the  environment. CFROG  reviews all oil and gas projects that come up for review, renewal or modification in Ventura County, and when necessary provide comments and data and file appeals and/or lawsuits. 

Here is a video about one of our current actions, fighting a massive new tar sands project on the Oxnard Plain:

Click Here for our current actions.


CFROG is a grassroots advocacy organization aimed at mobilizing  communities across Ventura County to hold their local planning officials accountable for approved oil and gas projects.

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CFROG is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization

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