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Citizens For Responsible Oil and Gas (CFROG) defends communities and wild places from the impacts of oil and gas extraction. We focus on public health, environmental justice, watersheds, air sheds, and the ocean -                            all as connected priorities.

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Citizens for Responsible Oil and Gas was founded in 2013 by community volunteers who saw the need for a watch-dog organization to ensure oil and gas projects in Ventura County are properly reviewed, permitted and monitored according all applicable laws. Now in 2017 we are a non-profit 501c3 organization, have hundreds of members - we are making a difference. 

Our goal is to protect our airshed, watershed, oceans, forests, land stability, wildlife, agriculture and human health by ensuring all oil and gas projects are properly reviewed in accordance with all local, state and federal laws. And that all agencies responsible for oversight and regulation of the oil and gas industry - take a strong, proactive position in that duty.

cfrog_well_inspection.jpgCFROG's all volunteer Board and Advisory Board work to be a resource to the community, public agency staff and local elected officials in reviewing oil and gas projects and ensuring that all  potential environmental impacts, including cumulative impacts,  are studied and fully considered for all projects. CFROG uses current science, data and the law to protect public health, public safety and the  environment. CFROG  reviews all oil and gas projects that come up for review, renewal or modification in Ventura County, and when necessary provide comments and data and file appeals and/or lawsuits. 

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CFROG is a grassroots advocacy organization aimed at mobilizing  communities across Ventura County to hold their local planning officials accountable for approved oil and gas projects.

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CFROG is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization

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