Rosenmund.jpgCFROG is proud to be partnering with Food and Water Watch in an appeal of a project in Oxnard that seeks to add four new oil and gas wells and create a "hub" for the expansion of the Cabrillo Oil Field.

We appealed because Ventura County has not properly studied the true impacts to the people who live and work in the homes and strawberry fields surrounding the drill sites. This is an issue of Environmental Justice. 

The community around this area already has to grapple with impacts from pesticides, heavy traffic - just because there is already air pollution in the area does not mean new pollution does not have an impact. CFROG is opposed to the approval of oil and gas projects in a way that perpetuates sacrifice zones - areas already impacted by pollution. Ventura County needs to start reducing actual air emissions in and around these areas. 

What now? Local Action Local Impact

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Here is the report CFROG submitted for the Planning Director hearing on this project, Feb. 23, 2017.