3 Ventura County Aquifers At Risk - Oil Industry Sues California

The California state oil and gas regulatory office - The Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) - has been sued by Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) and other trade groups over actions aimed at protecting groundwater aquifers from contamination related to oil field waste injection disposal. Read more about that lawsuit HERE.INjection_wells.png 

45 aquifers across the state, and three in Ventura County are part of a review to determine whether or not the dangerous waste injection wells should be shut down. A deadline of Feb. 15 looms for the review, while the industry says jobs and the economy will be impacted and the fines are too high if they don't shut the wells down on time. 

Oil companies have asked for three aquifers in Ventura County to be exempted from the Safe Drinking Water Act - thus allowing them to continue oil field waste injection disposal into the aquifer. An aquifer can only be exempted if the quality of the water in the aquifer is deemed to have no beneficial uses because the quality of water is already poor.

The three aquifers in Ventura County at issue are located:

  • in the Sespe Wilderness
  • North east of the community of Piru in Holser Canyon
  • on the Oxnard Plain. 

CFROG is coordinating with other environmental organizations to monitor and act. Stay Tuned! Support your local oil and gas watchdog organization - Donate to CFROG Today. 

Take LOCAL ACTION - Tell Elected Officials you want them to PROTECT OUR WATER!

Call your Supervisor - Let them know you want groundwater aquifers across Ventura County protected from the dangerous impact of oil field waste disposal injection, and that they should support the work being done by DOGGR, the EPA and the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board. District Info & Contact Info for all supervisors HERE. 

Take STATE Action - 

Call your State representatives - Let them know you support our State and DOGGR in working to protect our groundwater by shutting down dangerous oil field waste injection disposal wells, and you support the state vigorously fighting the lawsuit brought by WSPA. State elected officials contact information is HERE.