Ventura County's environmental watchdogs

• Taking on the oil industry
• Campaigning for clean air and water
• Advocating for the health and safety of our residents 

CFROG has built a team of experts to challenge the status quo with facts and commonsense proposals to fight bad projects that hurt our environment and jeopardize our health.

Our success speaks for itself:

  • Winner of substantial grant from the California Air Resources Board for community air protection project.
  • First to warn about the discovery of petroleum-related gases in Oxnard’s aquifer. Sought and won unanimous Board of Supervisors vote for a moratorium to stop new cyclic steam oil drilling activities in the Oxnard Plain in order to protect our water.
  • Strong advocates for the inclusion of a robust climate action plan in Ventura County’s new General Plan.
  • Your effective watchdog on dangerous and dirty oil industry practices.

  • From the blog

    We've Changed Our Name!

    Citizens for Responsible Oil & Gas is now Climate First: Replacing Oil & Gas. Why the change?

    Following the release of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, our board of directors felt strongly we needed to better reflect the reality our planet is faced with.

    The IPCC clearly warned that we have only a few years in which to make a rapid transition away from reliance on fossil fuels if we are to preserve even a medium chance of avoiding devastating climate impacts. Given the latest science, CFROG recognizes that it can no longer advocate for “responsible” oil and gas development. The organization’s new name reflects and sets the stage for its renewed purpose: transitioning our communities from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy.

    We will continue to be your effective watchdog on dangerous and dirty oil industry practices, but are expanding our capacity to take on issues such as the inclusion of a robust climate action plan in Ventura County’s new General Plan, and a new citizen-driven air quality monitoring program.

    We also have a new executive director, Marie Lakin, who joins us from the State Assembly and Senate where she worked on climate- and oil and gas-related legislation. She will be working out of our new office at 940 E. Santa Clara, Suite 201, Ventura.



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