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CFROG's Mission Statement:

CFROG is a non-profit, non-partisan, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to combating the climate crisis by working to shape the transition from fossil fuels to a carbon-free economy on California's Central Coast. We are committed to the establishment of an economy that is sustainable, inclusive and promotes renewable energy. We work at the local level to build awareness of how fossil fuels impact our communities, and engage area officials, government agencies and other like-minded organizations to eliminate those impacts wherever possible. CFROG also operates as a watch-dog organization dedicated to ensuring that oil and gas operations are properly reviewed, permitted, monitored and compliant with relevant environmental and safety laws and regulations.

CFROG was founded in the spring of 2013 when oil and gas permits were being rubber stamped and the former oil executive in charge of permitting was failing to provide environmental protection.

We are proud to be your oil and gas industry watchdogs and will continue to advocate for a just transition away from fossil fuels on the Central Coast. 

As residents of the fastest-warming county in the lower 48 states, we are more motivated than ever to help build a sustainable future for our planet. Climate First: Replacing Oil and Gas (CFROG) has built a team of experts to challenge the status quo with facts and commonsense proposals to fight bad projects that hurt our environment and jeopardize our health.

Our success speaks for itself:

    • Advocated for the most stringent oil & gas regulations in the state of California in Ventura County's new 2040 General Plan, and WON! 
    • Put a stop to a sneak attempt to permit 25 more years of oil operations in Upper Ojai Valley that violate the terms of the new General Plan. 
    • Won unanimous Board of Supervisors vote for a moratorium to stop new cyclic steam oil drilling activities in the Oxnard Plain in order to protect our water.
    • Fought to successfully deny an expanded oilfield near a low-income community with a high pollution burden.
    • Put oil companies on notice with a long-sought vote by the Board of Supervisors to bring all new projects under modern environmental review.
    • Supported  the inclusion of a robust climate action plan in Ventura County’s new General Plan.
    • Administered a successful community air monitoring program in low-income communities.
During this difficult time, CFROG is still fighting for local solutions to our environmental crisis. Contact us if you see an environmental issue you would like us to follow up on in Ventura or Santa Barbara Counties. Our team of experts can answer your questions. 

News and Updates

Clean Air Day

John and Liz Beall John and Liz Beall | October 07, 2020


Today is California Clean Air Day. The irony is not lost on me as I go through my new morning routine - coffee, check the air quality, mask up and go for a walk. The wildfires across the West Coast this year have served as a somber reminder that our air quality is at the very heart of what's at stake for California as climate change goes from compelling science to sobering reality.

I wholly support Clean Air Day and the actions it promotes. They are simple, yet powerful.







Plus many more...

In fact, I hope you will take a second right now to go to and TAKE THE PLEDGE.

With over 250,000 actions pledged across the state, Clean Air Day is a testament to the power of community organizing. We are proud to be part of today's actions, and our staff are hard at work reaching out to Oxnard residents who might not otherwise hear about this inspiring event.

A big part of our work here at CFROG focuses on air quality. Our My People, My Air (Mi Gente, Mi Aire) program is a cornerstone of our work on environmental justice issues in Oxnard and Ventura. We work to raise awareness of the air quality impacts of oil & gas operations near homes and schools, and to empower members of the community to become active change-makers. 

Something I just learned: Levels of volatile organics (the pollution emitted from oil & gas drilling) are not even measured in Ventura County. We all know about particulate matter (PM) now, but there are other compounds we breathe in every day that are negatively impacting our health and wellbeing. The public health assessments are especially concerning for babies and children.

This is just a taste of the health literature I've been wading through this week: 

Studies have identified residents living with oil and gas infrastructure in their communities experience an increased rate of respiratory symptoms, such as nose, eye, and throat irritation; headaches; and fatigue (Macey et al. 2014; Rabinowitz et al. 2015; Steinzor et al. 2013; Tustin et al. 2017).

Proximity to oil & gas correlated with increased hospitalization rates for multiple medical categories, including cardiology, neurology, and oncology (Jemielita et al. 2015).

Epidemiological studies that use household proximity to an oil & gas development found an association with adverse birth outcomes, including preterm birth (Casey et al. 2016), lower birth weight, and small for gestational age (Stacy et al. 2015), increased asthma rates (Rasmussen et al. 2016), as well as neural tube defects, congenital heart defects, and an increase in childhood hematologic cancer (McKenzie et al. 2014, 2017). 

With so much at stake for our community's health and wellbeing, we must also take a clean air stance that moves beyond individual responsibility. Clean air depends on holding the oil & gas industry accountable. Clean air depends on governments - local, state, and national - taking aggressive measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through legislation and decisive action. Clean air depends on a just transition to clean sources of power - ones that do not pollute our communities or endanger our children's health. 

That's where CFROG comes in.

Supporting positive action at the individual level, while holding industry and government accountable. It will take both to achieve a livable future for California. 

Please consider visiting and doing your part!



John and Liz Beall


Screenwriter, rabble-rouser, environmental advocate. Executive Director for @cfrog_vc. Reps: Kaplan Stahler Agency, CK Artists
CFROG has built a team of experts to challenge the status quo with facts and commonsense proposals to fight bad projects that hurt our environment and jeopardize our health.
CFROG has built a team of experts to challenge the status quo with facts and commonsense proposals to fight bad projects that hurt our environment and jeopardize our health.