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  • Don't Frack the Sespe Wilderness

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    Last October the USDA National Forest Service reopened the potential for fracking in the Sespe Wilderness - and now we have information from our friends at Los Padres ForestWatch and Save the Sespe that the internal review is slated to wrap up in the coming months - sometimes there are delays.

    Local groups will be monitoring and mobilizing and CFROG will be collaborating to ensure this wilderness (located in the mountains behind Fillmore) is protected from this dangerous extreme extraction method. By signing our petition now, you will help form a coalition of concerned residents so when the public comment period (on that internal review) opens - we are ready to flood their office with calls, letters and emails that say - Don't Frack the Sespe. 

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    We do not want this national treasure - the Sespe Wilderness - to be further jeopardized by dangerous fracking in the name of profit. 

    We do not want our federal government to let any oil company use hydraulic fracturing "fracking" in the Sespe Wilderness. 


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