Santa Paula Canyon

Who -      

What - 

When -

  • The suit was filed in November 2015, and the parties expect a judicial review to be issued in Fall 2016 or early 2017. 

Where -  

  • This project is proposed for oil pads along Santa Paula Creek and the "Punchbowl Trail"

Why - 

  • There are several issues in the legal suit but a major one is the fact that the impacts of 19 new oil and gas wells on California Condors and Steelhead Trout were never studied over the life of the land use permit. Condors nest in the canyons around the proposed wells and Santa Paula Creek is a confirmed habitat for Steelhead trout. Both are federally protected and endangered. 

How - 

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  • Endangered species - Condors & Steelhead Trout,
  • CEQA Compliance