Protect Our Coast from New Offshore Drilling


New Drilling Planned for California Coast – Time to Speak Out.

Photo: Feb. 3 Protect Our Coast Rally in Ventura



CLICK HERE to VIEW our Photo Gallery from Feb. 3 #ProtectOurCoast Rally in Ventura! Thank you to Akka B. Photography for taking these amazing photos for CFROG. 


1. BY MARCH 8:  Submit your comment to the Federal, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM). HERE. Tell the feds you oppose the new offshore drilling proposal for the Pacific. 

Suggested comment:  more public hearings should take place in impacted areas, like the coastal regions and 2) expressing your opposition to new offshore leasing in the Pacific. 

2. Ask your City Council to pass a resolution opposing the federal offshore drilling plans. (So far - the City of Ojai and the County of Ventura have passed resolutions.) Do you live in Ventura? Contact the City Councilmembers

4. Share this page with your friends. 

On Jan. 4 2018, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced that the entire coast of California (North, Central, South Coasts) is listed as part of a new draft program to expand oil and gas drilling in oceans around the country. The Gulf, Alaska and Atlantic are also part of the draft program.

Most Californians strongly oppose offshore drilling so political leaders from both major parties have prevented federal offshore leasing here since 1984. Trump’s proposal (issued through executive order) to sell decades-long Pacific leases to oil companies is a radical move with little popular support. Here is the BOEM website with details about the new program.

CFROG opposes additional offshore oil and gas drilling because it is risky and jeopardizes our ocean, and the coastal communities and economies that rely on a clean and healthy ocean. And offshore drilling has become more dangerous since Trump’s oil industry-backed appointees have moved to revoke drilling safety rules adopted after the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster. Ventura County depends on our clean ocean waters and beaches - we must do all we can to protect our coast. 

Our voices matter.

* Let us know if your city council puts a resolution on the agenda for approval and if you want help advocating for this in your city or with your supervisor please call CFROG Executive Director, Kimberly Rivers, 805-727-1393.




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