Protect Our Coast: No Offshore Drilling or Fracking

We the undersigned hereby declare our opposition to any new offshore drilling and/or hydraulic fracturing off the California coastline in federal waters because: 

the Trump administration is considering expanding offshore oil and gas leasing to new areas which have largely been off-limits to new federal leasing, including the Pacific Coast; and new federal offshore oil and gas leases have not been granted off the coast of California since 1984; and

residents and visitors to Ventura County and the entire central coast enjoy California’s beaches and the Pacific Ocean for recreational, commercial, and educational activities, all of which support our local economy and contribute to our quality of life; and

WE value our state’s ocean and coastal waters, which provide habitat to a vast array of wildlife, including fish, whales, sea turtles, and birds that depend on a healthy and clean environment; and

WE recognize that offshore oil and gas drilling and exploration off the Pacific coast put these coastal resources, and the communities and industries that depend on them, at risk from oil spills and other damage; and

WE recognize that expanding offshore oil and gas drilling, fracking, other well stimulation techniques and disposal of waste related to those activities threaten coastal stakeholders, marine wildlife, human health and contribute to climate change - 

No new offshore drilling or fracking off our coast! 


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  • Offshore drilling only puts profits in the 1% pockets and irreparably harms our oceans and all animals, birds and fish who live there. Support electric/hybird vehicles, outlaw gas powered autos. Leave the ocean as a wild place-without wilderness, we have no freedom
  • Sign the petition: Protect Our Coast: No Offshore Drilling or Fracking
  • Kim Chaffee
  • Sign the petition: Protect Our Coast: No Offshore Drilling or Fracking
  • I oppose the new offshore drilling plan in the Pacific coast, we need to stop these environmental and social injustices! offshore drilling is risky business and has the potential of destroying our finite natural resources; events that include hazardous oil spills and fires as well as other issues that will be endangering the health of our marine and human life, our community needs to be safe. This new offshore drilling plan is dirty, dangerous and unnecessary!!
  • We’ve been here before and know the risk of off-shore drilling—even without the insanity of taking petroleum out of the ground.