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  • I’m listening to the audio book version of Bill McKibbon’s “Oil and Honey” (available at our local library) and am so enjoying it.

  • Environmental Justice in Oxnard

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    Every person that lives in Ventura County deserves

    clean air to breathe and clean water to drink!

    And we recognize that some communities are allowed to become sacrifice zones -

    areas where it is ok to add more pollution - that has to stop! 

    GOAL: 77 signatures


    • By signing below I declare my support of the appeal of the Renaissance Petroleum expansion of the Cabrillo Oil Field in Oxnard. The project was approved by Ventura County without proper assessment related to environmental justice and the County has failed to consider the whole of the project as required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

    • We have an Environmental Justice problem in Ventura County and our local government must work to end the practice of maintaining sacrifice zones - areas where more pollution is allowed because there is already pollution occurring. Ventura County must work to truly reduce pollution in communities that are overly burdened. The residents around this project do not deserve any more pollution! 

    The County must put public health and the environment first!

    The County must study the true impacts on the health and lives of the people who live around Etting Road -

    • impacts from increased hour of trucking,
    • increasing actual air emissions,
    • increasing risks of spill and leaks on soil and water. 

    Grant the CFROG & Food and Water Watch Appeal! 

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  • Hi Donette – thanks for your question and sorry for the confusion – NationBuilder (the system we use for database and website management) works with social media, including Facebook – so you can sing up with CFROG (in NationBuilder) through your facebook account .

  • Pattern at County Planning revealed in Quarry Permit

    CFROG's mission is to make sure that oil and gas activities in Ventura County are only allowed when public health and the environment are protected. As part of that effort CFROG often makes comments on oil and gas project applications and land use permit modifications, and if appropriate file legal action.  

    In doing that work we have witnessed a pattern within the Ventura County Planning Department - changes being made to permits without proper impact studies being done as required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). This body of laws is aimed at protecting the environment, but also ensuring the public has ample opportunity to review and comment on a project. 

    Today - as I write this, the Ventura County Planning Commission is hearing an appeal of a land use permit for a rock quarry on Highway 33, north of the city of Ojai. CFROG has submitted comments regarding a change that occurred in the permit - without impact study - a time change in operating hours for the quarry. Why is that such a big deal? Well, because the route for those trucks takes them right past Nordhoff High School. 

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    Help CFROG ensure oil and gas projects in Ventura are only allowed when

    public health and the environment are protected! 

    With everything going on at the federal level - local government is all that more important. It is our local Board of Supervisors who have the land use authority to approve or deny new oil drilling in Ventura County and to ensure all operators are complying with the law. CFROG is keeping an eye on local government - we are YOUR oil and gas watchdog organization. 


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  • I signed up to volunteer for CFROG (Citizens For Responsible Oil and Gas. Join me!


    Volunteers are the heart of grass roots movements. 
    CFROG needs all different kinds of volunteers - from sitting at our booth at events, to set up at fundraising events and attending hearings. 

    Shift at Local Event - Help spread the word about CFROG and the work we do - volunteer for a shift at our Booth at local events. Check out Calendar for upcoming events. 

    Research Team - Do you like pouring over documents? Maps? Then you might enjoy joining our research team. This is vital to our monitoring work - this is how our current team has found oil wells drilled in the wrong spot, errors on maps and more. 

    Attend a Hearing - CFROG sometimes determines that we must appeal an approved oil and gas project - this leads to public hearings before the Ventura County Planning Commission or Board of Supervisors. In the future we may have hearings at the City level. When you attend a hearing you send a message to the public officials that the public cares about this issue, and is paying attention. 

    Action Support Team - This is an important team of dedicated volunteers who will provide support to various CFROG actions. It might involve organizing piles of papers to submit to the court, it might involve making signs, it might involve brainstorming or posting fliers. If you like to do the nitty gritty work this team is for you. 

    Event Team - Help CFROG set up, break down and manage our fundraising and public outreach events. 

    Host a Meet and Greet - Share information about CFROG with your friends. 

    Graphic Guru - do you have rock star graphic design skills - or are striving to develop them? CFROG is in need of volunteer help with graphic design needs for events, online, creating fabulous fliers, striking images and more. If you'd like to help we will thank you profusely and share your info at every opportunity. 

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  • CFROG is proud to be partnering with and supporting the group of neighbors around the area of the Grove/Hall Canyon Oil Spill that occurred on June 23. This blog is provided to this community group by CFROG and we look forward to working with the residents to ensure our local agencies, regulators and elected officials respond in an appropriate way – and work to ensure similar leaks and spills don’t occur. Support CFROG Today!

    And for information from the California Department of Fish & Wildlife visit:

  • Ventura County Supervisors setting dangerous precedent

    Hello CFROGers, 

    This is the first blog post on the CFROG BLOG - check back here to regular reports from CFROG about important issues related to oil and gas activities in Ventura County and the State. 


    Yesterday (Tues. June 21) your elected representatives, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors voted - three to two - to overturn a decades long precedent held in the County that the intersection of Koenigstein Road and Highway 150 (located in Upper Ojai) is unsafe for oil tanker truck traffic. This vote, made by Supervisors Peter Foy, Kathy Long and John Zaragoza open the doors to more trucks on a rural, residential road. 

    We applaud the "no" votes of Supervisors Steve Bennett and Linda Parks who opposed the motion - during board deliberation they were not comfortable with the County deeming that intersection safe for oil tanker trucks. 

    The applicant oil operator had asked the county  -

    • to renew the Conditional Use Permit allowing oil drilling for another 25 years
    • to allow three new wells (there are three existing wells)
    • to redrill one well (old wells sometimes need to be redrilled to get things flowing again)
    • and to let oil tanker trucks to use the intersection to take oil, gas and oil field waste water from the site. 

    Back in the early 80's, the Board of Supervisors prohibited the use of the road and intersection because the big trucks couldn't make a legal or safe turn - turning into or out of the intersection. HERE IS A COUNTY VIDEO OF AN OIL TRUCK MAKING THE TURN - you can see the front wheels cross the center yellow line on Highway 150 and as the truck goes onto the Koenigstein Road bridge it MUST go into the far lane, crossing that center line as well. 

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