Project Appeal for Environmental Justice in Oxnard

Ventura County approved new oil facility without impact study.

Current Status: 

June 2017: CFROG and Food & Water Watch have filed an appeal of the approval and are waiting for a hearing date to be set before the Ventura County Planning Commission. 


Summary: Se Habla Espanol - In March 2017 the Ventura County Planning Director approved four new oil and gas wells and a processing facility for the Cabrillo Oil Field in Oxnard without studying the potential health impacts to nearby residents. The people are already map_ren_pet.001.jpegoverburdened with pollution for heavy agriculture activities, and traffic. The project allows additional trucks every day and removes all time restrictions for trucks. 

Ventura County did not consider any Environmental Justice issues in the processing of this project application. 


Join us this coming Sat & Sun, June 24 & 25 in canvassing the community to educate about the project and collect signatures for our petition. RSVP to join our group of volunteers HERE.  

Quick Facts - 

  • Four new oil and gas wells have been approved without full study of potential impacts to public health, air, water and soil.
  • Community already burdened with chemicals, pesticides and air pollution.
  • New oil field “hub” to separate oil, water & gas for 35 approved wells in Cabrillo Field – All those trucks are NOT being considered in this project review.
  • Citizens For Responsible Oil and Gas (CFROG) and Food & Water Watch (FWW) are fighting the approval of this project because without a full study public health, air, water and soil are put at risk.

Action Items: 

    1. RSVP to go door to door with us this Sat. & Sun - June 24 & 25. 
    2. Sign Petition in Support of Appeal. 
    3. Sign Up to Volunteer with CFROG - Will you go door to door in Oxnard with our team? 
    4. Share with your friends. Share

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