Toxic Waste site as Cultural Heritage Landmark?

Great balls of baloney!


They want to save money and not remove the giant ammonia storage tanks at the former USA Petrochem Oil Refinery by declaring them a historical landmark.

The staff of the Ventura County Cultural Heritage Board agrees and if you think this eyesore and blight along the river should not stand there forever,  you better come to the public hearing this coming Monday July 24th and say so.

The hearing is set for 1:15 Monday afternoon in the Atlantic conference room of the administrative building of the government center on Victoria Avenue in Ventura .


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Oxnard City Council to consider supporting oil expansion appeal

The Oxnard City Council has moved forward on Tuesday evening with a proposal to consider supporting the appeal filed by Citizens For Responsible Oil and Gas (CFROG) and Food & Water Watch earlier this year demanding a full environmental impact study of the Cabrillo Oil Field expansion.


Photo: Karina Kaye speaking to the Oxnard City Council on July 11 asking them to put this issue on a future agenda.

In April of this year, Ventura County Planning Director Kim Prillhart approved four new oil wells within walking distance of the Oxnard Pacific community near Pleasant Valley Rd, without conducting any sort of environmental impact study to determine potential hazards to the air, water, and public health of Oxnard residents.

“This is not just about fossil fuels,” said Oxnard Mayor Pro-Tem Carmen Ramirez right before requesting this issue appear on an upcoming council agenda. “We need to ask how this project affects the health of our people, many of whom already suffer from respiratory illnesses [and are familiar with the effects of] airborne carcinogens.”

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Environmental Justice For Oxnard! NOW!

Naumann_Flare.jpgThe press is taking notice and the community is speaking out. Here is an article by the LA Times pointing to the burden Oxnard is being subjected to by the fossil fuel industry.  

PHOTO: CFROG - Naumann Drill Pad and flare permitted as emergency flare. Air Pollution Control District permits allow "emergency" flares which burn "unplanned" have no limits to allowed emissions. That means an operator can burn an emergency flare regularly, and still be within the conditions of their permit. Is that a policy that protects public health?

CFROG and Food & Water Watch have filed an appeal of a project that will expand the Cabrillo Oil Field in South Oxnard at Etting and Dodge Road. Here are details about the project.

Volunteers have been canvassing the community and have gathered 1000 signatures to a petition in favor of the appeal of this project. Sign the petition NOW.  

And here is a letter to the editor in the VC Star by FWW Intern Karina Kaye of Oxnard... 

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Oil Spill Clean Up Incomplete

Prince Barranca Oil Spill One Year Later

June 28, 2017
by Robert Chianese (One of the “Oil Spill Neighbors”)
On June 23, 2016 a Crimson oil pipeline, leaping from the Avenue, over and through the hills behind the city, leaked 45,000 gallons of light crude into the seasonal creek known as Prince Barranca, above Ventura High School and below Hall Canyon Road. An alert homeowner on Grove Lane heard it hissing at 4:30 am and raced his motorcycle along Foothill, up the canyon road, found the leak, and called it in. (The cause of the leak is still being litigated, but installing shutoff valves on the pipeline and starting up oil flow early in the morning with no on-site monitoring could be likely factors.)

This begins a nine-month saga of cleanup, monitoring the area for animal intrusions, restoring the dry barranca, and watching how the restored channel and new plantings of native flora would take root and then survive our January blasts of intense rain that swept down the barranca and out to sea at San Jon Wash at the beach. We, the residents along the barranca, wanted to be involved in this oversight process.

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