• Walking for Environmental Justice in Oxnard

    FINAL CANVASSING PUSH to fight for Environmental Justice in Oxnard!!!! 

    Thank you to everyone who has came out to canvass with us throughout this summer to inform the community about yet another alarming project; the expansion of the Cabrillo Oil Facility, just walking distance from a neighborhood rated as a disadvantaged community by the state! 

    EnviroJustice_in_Oxnard_NAUMANN.jpgOur campaign has gained momentum thanks to you and we want to invite you to our Big Canvassing event!

    If you have not came out canvassing before, this is your opportunity!!

    We will have a friendly team to train first-time canvassers!

    Our Public Appeal Hearing before the Ventura County Planning Commission is Sept. 7th. We want to make sure the community, the one's who will be most affected by this project if it's approved, are INVITED and HEARD!! 

    That is why we will have a canvassing station at an Oxnard community members home (close proximity to this project) and will be sending teams out to canvass nearby homes on Sunday, August 20th from 12:00-6pm! 

    Snacks and light refreshments will be provided to keep our energy up and strong! 

    CLICK HERE for more info on the project, and the appeal. 

    If you are unable to come on Sunday, Here are three action items:

    1. please share with your friends 
    3. RSVP to hearing on Sept 7.
    4. If you can't attend on Sept 7. Please email comments in support of our appeal to

    here is a sample comment: 

    I am writing in support of the appeal filed by CFROG and Food & Water Watch to ask Ventura County to conduct a full and proper Environmental Impact Report for the Cabrillo Oil Field expansion project that includes a health impact study, which considers the cumulative impact of pollution on the nearby disadvantaged community. Environmental Justice of Oxnard! 

    Sunday, August 20, 2017 at 12:00 PM
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  • Appeal Hearing for Cabrillo Oil Field Expansion - South Oxnard

    Speak out for Environmental Justice in Oxnard!


    Come to the public appeal hearing and join CFROG and Food & Water Watch in telling Ventura County to ensure Environmental Justice is part of the issues assessed when processing oil and gas permits in the county. 

    HERE is more information on the project and our appeal. 

    If you are unable to attend the hearing, please submit your comments in advance to: 

    Bonnie Luke, Ventura County Planning, , 805-654-5193


    Thursday, September 07, 2017 at 08:30 AM · 13 rsvps
    Ventura County Government Center - Board Hearing Room
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  • Santa Paula Canyon Appreciation & Clean UP Day

    CFROG in partnership with the Center for Biological Diversity and Los Padres ForestWatch are hosting a Santa Paula Canyon Appreciation Day and Clean up. 

    Come clean up the hiking trail and learn about our lawsuit to Save Santa Paula Canyon from an additional 19 oil wells that were approved by Ventura County without proper review of impacts to Endangered Species. Our court date in Ventura County Superior Court is on Monday, September 11. 

    Here is a video about the issues with expanding oil extraction in Santa Paula Canyon :

    Sunday, September 10, 2017 at 08:00 AM
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  • Camarillo: Public Meeting: VC GenPlan Update: Vision & Guiding Principles

    Is clean air and water important in Santa Rosa Valley & Camarillo?

    Do you support environmental justice throughout Ventura County? 


    Should Ventura County create a green, healthy and forward thinking land use policy over the next two decades? 

    Come tell Ventura County Planning what your priorities are for land use where you live, work and play. 

    Public Meeting details:  the Ventura County Planning Department is going to host a public workshop to receive input from the local community. 

    This meeting focuses on the setting the "Vision & Guiding Principles" as the planning department prepares to begin the environmental review portion and then moving into drafting the new General Plan document. 

    NOW is the time to let your local planning agency know you want the land use constitution for the county to make

    clean water and clean air for all

    the top priority for land use decisions over the next 20 years. 

    Action Items: 

    1) RSVP to attend the meeting on Thursday, September 21.

    If you agree - come prepared to tell the County that you support CFROG's request for an Environmental Justice principle in the Guiding Principles. CFROG recommended the following: 

    1. An Environmental Justice principle must be added to the list of Guiding principles which states that the County seeks to ensure the protection of residents in disadvantaged communities from disproportionate burdens related to pollution, noxious industries, and risks of environmental hazards, (Health and Safety).
    2. The public health principle should incorporate environmental justice concerns by being revised as follows: Promote economic, social, and physical health and wellness by encouraging walking and biking; ensuring equitable access to parks, public transit, and healthy foods; and integrating Health in All Policies into the built environment. (Healthy Communities)

    2) Share with your friends - bring your neighbors.

    3) If you are unable to attend, send your comments to Project Manager for the GenPlan Update. (805) 654-2497. 

    It is vital the county hear that clean air and water for all is important to YOU. And that you support the end of sacrifice zones in Ventura County. Environmental Justice for all! Tell VC you want those tenets included in the Vision & Guiding Principles. 


    Details about CFROG's participation in the Ventura County General Plan Update - 

    Here is a letter CFROG submitted last month during the first work session regarding the Vision & Guiding Principles. 

    HERE is information about the VC GenPlan update process. 

    On June 8 CFROG participated in the workshop on the "Vision & Guiding Principles" before the Ventura County Planning Commission. HERE are the details about that meeting, and the requests that CFROG made. 

    RSVP to attend the hearing and join with CFROG working for a green, healthy and forward thinking general plan - 

    Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 06:00 PM
    Rancho Santa Rosa Clubhouse in Camarillo, CA
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