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    Environmental Justice in Oxnard

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    Every person that lives in Ventura County deserves

    clean air to breathe and clean water to drink!

    And we recognize that some communities are allowed to become sacrifice zones -

    areas where it is ok to add more pollution - that has to stop! 

    GOAL: 77 signatures


    • By signing below I declare my support of the appeal of the Renaissance Petroleum expansion of the Cabrillo Oil Field in Oxnard. The project was approved by Ventura County without proper assessment related to environmental justice and the County has failed to consider the whole of the project as required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

    • We have an Environmental Justice problem in Ventura County and our local government must work to end the practice of maintaining sacrifice zones - areas where more pollution is allowed because there is already pollution occurring. Ventura County must work to truly reduce pollution in communities that are overly burdened. The residents around this project do not deserve any more pollution! 

    The County must put public health and the environment first!

    The County must study the true impacts on the health and lives of the people who live around Etting Road -

    • impacts from increased hour of trucking,
    • increasing actual air emissions,
    • increasing risks of spill and leaks on soil and water. 

    Grant the CFROG & Food and Water Watch Appeal! 

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