CFROG Current Actions in Ventura County-

#EnviroJustice InOxnard -

Naumann_Flare.jpgCFROG is partnered with Food & Water Watch in our appeal of an oil and gas project at Etting & Dodge Roads in Oxnard.  

On April 13, 2017 partners CFROG and Food & Water Watch appealed a project approved by the Ventura County Planning Director that adds more oil and gas wells to a location without studying how an increase in truck traffic, emissions from more oil wells and other factors will impact residents, students at local schools, and farm workers in the area. 

We don't know if the operator plans to frack or acidize these wells - potential impacts from enhanced extraction must be studied.

Project Status: May 22, 2017 - We are waiting for the county to set a hearing before the Planning Commission.

 Action Items:  

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  #VCNeedsGreenGeneralPlan - 


CFROG is working to ensure Ventura County  creates and approves a green, healthy and forward thinking General Plan that will govern all land use decisions in the county until 2040. Details coming soon. 

The fact is there are impacts from the existing and expanding oil and gas activity in Ventura County. Impacts to public health, the environment and our water. CFROG has taken action and is mobilizing to participate in the Ventura County General Plan Update process over the next four years. The GenPlan document governs all land use decisions until 2040.

We see oil and gas activity expanding - more wells are approved every year. That means more trucks, more pipelines - more potential for spills and leaks.

Follow our Green GenPlan Blog for updates on this project.

 Action Items:

4. RSVP to the June 8 Planning Comm. work session.                                                        

 #EnforcingCEQAinVC -

trucks_prohibited_on_K_Road.pngCFROG is ensuring that when Ventura County approves an oil and gas project it is complying with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) - including parts of the law that require impacts to endangered species be studied and considered.

CFROG digs into project applications, historic land use permit documents to find errors, violations, inconsistencies and gaps in oversight. When appropriate we submit comments, file appeals and ultimately may take legal action. 

CFROG currently has two active CEQA lawsuits in Ventura County - 







Issues CFROG is Monitoring In Ventura County: 

  • Fracking onshore and offshore.
  • Aging oil and gas infrastructure
  • Unmapped pipelines/pipeline maintenance
  • Rincon Island
  • Ongoing investigation of Los Angeles Regional Water Board. 
  • Idle wells
  • abandoned/orphaned wells

- Details Coming Soon. 


Past Action & Victories - Coming Soon. 

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