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Update: On Nov. 15 in a four to one vote the VC Board of Supervisors approved the Nesbitt project. 

But, our appeal was successful ! due to the appeals filed by CFROG, and the new information we presented regarding injection wells, the applicant withdrew the injection well from the project, and the County wrote a requirement into the permit conditions that forces the applicant to abandon that injection well, prior to restarting any of the idle wells on the lease. And the County is enforcing an existing permit condition requiring the applicant to abandon the non-functioning "sump" pits on the lease within one year. 

Those two changes result in the water in the area being better protected from potential impacts from oil and gas activities.

Thank you to everyone who supported our appeal! 

TUESDAY November 15, 2016 - Ventura County Board of Supervisors will have the opportunity to protect our groundwater resources. On Nov 1 the Board voted to continue their deliberations to November 15. New information has come to light, and CFROG has requested the public hearing be reopened so further testimony can be submitted. READ about the details of the project and CFROG's appeal HERE. 

Cover_Page_Only_Nesbitt_Report.jpgA CFROG appeal hearing will take place on Tuesday, Nov 1 at 1:30 pm in the VC Board of Supervisors Hearing Room, where we will make the case that the Board should deny an application to modify an oil and gas permit that would allow the ongoing use of a Class II oil field wastewater injection well - 

A well that is currently under investigation by the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board for injecting into an aquifer that may be protected under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. CFROG is asking the Board of Supervisors to halt the modification, not allow the reactivation of the oil wells, including that injection well UNTIL the water board has concluded its investigation and can show our usable groundwater resources are protected. 

RSVP to come to the hearing. 

HERE is CFROG's Final Report to the Board of Supervisors. 

Here is an injection well case study report done by Environmental Action Center. 

Other issues in this project relate to the California Environmental Quality Act CEQA - 

Project Segmentation

Cumulative Impacts

Proper Public review, comment and response

Air Emissions

Traffic Safety - Allowing oil tanker trucks on road where they were previously banned. 



CFROG Report Exposes Water Contamination in Ventura

On Oct 14 Citizens For Responsible Oil and Gas submitted a report to the Ventura County Board of Supervisors providing expert analysis showing that recent water well test results are a cause for concern that oil and gas activities across the County could be leading to contamination of groundwater aquifers.

 "With new test results showing chemical and inorganic compound contamination of ground water near oil industry waste injection wells and sumps, it is time for the Board of Supervisors to begin an inspection and monitoring program to protect our dwindling water supply,” said John Brooks, President of CFROG

CLICK HERE TO READ OUR COMPLETE BLOG POST about our water contamination report. 

- Current Actions -


 - Monitoring/Commenting -

CFROG working with Ventura Oil Spill Neighbors (VOSN) - See BLOG here for updates.

Photos taken by CFROG Board Member Tomas Rebecchi - June 24. Hall Canyon spill from Crimson Pipeline

Barnett Wells/ Simi Valley -

Update - June 27 - Inspection of the Barnett Wells in Simi Valley - Senior Staff Counsel with the California Department of Conservation has confirmed with the property owner Mr. Andy Brody that the Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) is going to inspect the orphaned wells (abandoned with Barnett Co. went bankrupt last year) on June 27. Time TBD. 

May 16, 2016 - CFROG attended the Simi Valley City Council meeting supporting a group of home owners asking their city council to ask the state oil and gas regulators to move forward ASAP in plugging and abandoning several old wells and tanks in their neighborhood. The operator declared bankruptcy last year.  

Following the meeting the Council instructed staff to draft a letter in support of the home owner's request. 

Issues -

  • air emissions
  • Orphaned wells
  • CUP Enforcement 
  • State/County/City level jurisdiction
  • Ventura County Air Pollution Control District

This has been an ongoing issue since 2013 for two neighboring homeowners in Simi Valley (CLICK here for a VC Star article). They report members of their family are suffering negative health effects from air emissions - nose bleeds, head aches, shortness of breath, etc. Inspections found leaks of methane and benzene. The oil well operator was ordered to repair the wells. Last year that operator filed for bankruptcy. The State Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) said the wells were "deserted" and said the state would begin removal and abandonment work in March 2016. That work has been postponed. 

"I am here today asking you - How do we work together and encourage and assist DOGGR to abandon these wells?" said Kevin Tohill, one of the property owners. He was rushed to the emergency room in 2013 with a bloody nose after a plume of fumes overcame his property. He spoke to the VCAPD Board on May 10. "This facility leaks not only methane gas, but also benzene and other VOC's that are harmful to us and our environment."Community members plan to address the Simi City Council next Monday, May 16.  

CFROG will continue to monitor, review, comment, report and lend support as needed. 

 Bentley Wells/ Creek Road, Ojai Valley

May 2016 - CFROG provided comments to the Ojai Valley Municipal Advisory Committee (OVMAC) and provided comments and recommendations on the project to renew a land use permit for oil and gas wells behind Soule Park in the Ojai Valley. CFROG asked the OVMAC to recommend the County of Ventura include a well abandonment plan, the OVMAC took CFROG's recommendation. 

CFROG is awaiting the Planning Director Decision. 

Issues -

  • orphaned wells (no wells are orphaned in this project, but CFROG views an abandonment plan as a reasonable preventative measure to avoid orphaned wells) An orphaned well is a well with no operator. The state and tax payers become responsible. 
  • abandoment plan




- CFROG Letters -

June 24, 2016 - CFROG Advisory Board Member Anneliese Anderle provides comments on why safety valves and their placement should be required in the new legislation (SB887) regarding gas storage facilities. This bill is in response to the Aliso Canyon well leak. Read the COMMENTS HERE. 

May 26, 2016 - CFROG submitted a letter to the California Air Resources Control Board regarding how emissions are calculated. These rules will impact oil and gas projects and, if created according to current standards and science will help to improve our air quality.  HERE is our letter. 

You can view all of the comments (including those submitted by the oil and gas industry) HERE.